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Welcome to Simply Innovate™

Check out our Corporate Services to discover how we can assist you with your Franchising and Strategic Planning needs.

Are you a small business trying to solve a problem or resolve a challenge? Check out the Simplysolve™ Guide!

Do you work in a larger company and want to know how innovation can help you succeed! Check out Bottom-Up and Top-Down Innovation. It’s not just a book, it’s way, way more than that!

Are you an executive at a mid-sized or large company who is not happy with your company’s innovation efforts? Check out our executive workshops!

Are you looking for dynamic keynote speaker that will engage all the participants by showing each of them how they can innovate? Check out our speaking engagement section!

Have you finished reading my new book and want to read more books about innovation? Go to my Innovation Bookstore where you can find all the best innovation books in helpful categories.

Questions? Call us anytime at 949.484.0223

  • Simplysolve™ Guide

    Are you a small business that needs to solve some sort of problem or challenge? The Simplysolve™ Guide can help you! Read More

  • Bottom-Up & Top-Down Innovation

    Double-issue Book!

    There is a big difference between efforts to create a lasting innovation environment in your company (Top-Down Innovation) and how to improve your performance and boost your career by innovating, even in a non-innovative company!(Bottom-Up Innovation).Read More

  • Teaching Kids How to Innovate™

    Most people agree that we should be doing more in our elementary schools to unleash our kid's creativity and innovation skills. Simply Innovate™ is doing something about it!

    Read More